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Lorne Redmond

Lorne built his first software program in 1981 on the original IBM Personal Computer in High School. That experience was the spark that started him on his path to his career in software.

Mark Arkey

Mark T. Arkey was born in Pennsylvania in 1973, where he began programming in elementary school. By age 15, he had written an Inventory Management System for his brother’s pet shop, and by 18 he had written a GUI word processor in Assembler Language.

Ian Rey Zafra

Ian Rey Zafra the daydreamer and night thinker. New coding hacks gives him thrills, computer tools and equipments sparks his curiosity, music calms his soul and even kiddie magic tricks still amuses him.


Lorne is great to work with. He has a calm, calculated, and positive deminer. He has a desire and aptitude to learn the application and business rules of the product he is developing. He is always considering the ‘customer’, to ensure the program not only functions appropriately during use, but that the end users have the best experience possible while doing so.

Judith Mehr

Once you have an idea, you need to be a responsible corporate citizen and determine how much your great idea will pay off. The software you build needs to be a solid financial investment for your company. Find out if your idea will save money by determining all the money you will save by implementing the software.

Place Holder

Organize your idea into sections. Who will be using the product? What does the product need to do? What will the user see? What will the user do? The answer to all these questions will help you to put together a fantastic plan. you can share with your associates and collaborate to get it perfect. Isn’t this exciting?

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